Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just Cool

Gimme a Break

I love when brands can find a way to provide a true value to consumers in a way that's both relevant to the brand/product and actually makes someone's day/life better. Here's a simple ambient piece from KitKat that does a great job. Bravo KitKat.

Is the T-Mobile Flash Mob Stunt on Brand?

I really like the T-Mobile "Dance" train station flash mob stunt. I think it's fun to watch, it's "real" and definitely has talk and pass-along value. What I'm not sure about is whether it's relevant to the T-Mobile brand. Though to be honest I'm not entirely familiar with the T-Mobile brand across the pond, so it's tough to evaluate. All I know is that even after I read the payoff "Life's for sharing", I couldn't help but feel that the spot would be better suited for a different brand, perhaps Creative Labs Flip camera.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Packaging Nip & Tuck

In addition to the recent Pepsi soda makeovers, Tropicana Orange Juice (also a PepsiCo company) and Heinze Ketchup have both had a little work done. Both packages focus on the health-benefits of the food inside- Tropicana touts "100% Orange" and Heinze ditched the pickle and now features just an on-the-vine tomato and the words "Grown not made." While I admit that until I was reminded that there was a pickle on the Heinze bottle I forgot that it was on there- but noticeable missing is the orange with the straw stabbed in it. I like the new carton better, but I'll miss the straw.

New Year, New President, New Post

It's appropriate that the day I finally have time to fire up the ole blogging machine happens to be the day Obama is inaugurated (see last post). Lots of new things: new administration, new year, and NEW BLOG POSTS!!!!!! Yay! Cheers for all the great, new things ahead. That's all for now. Good bye.