Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Walgreens Launches A New Website

I don't know why I haven't added the phone # to Walgreens Pharmacy in my phone. It would save me several visits to where I generally have a bad experience and get frustrated with the simple task of finding the store locator. I was pleasantly surprised on my last visit to see a brand new site. Good for you, Walgreens! Especially good is that they've replaced what used to be a wicked top nav with much cleaner and more user-friendly version (using the old one was like smushing the London, New York and Tokyo skylines together and trying to quickly pick out the Emprire State building).

The site is certainly a reflection of the brand's strategy position themselves as "one-stop shopping destination and healthcare provider" (per this AdWeek interview with Walgreen's CMO, Kim Feil).

While the site is an improvement, I can't say I love it overall. The navigation is alright though there are a few big no-no's such as an inconsistent link home on the lower level photo and clinic pages (on all other lower level pages, the "take me home" link lives in the upper left corner under the logo, but it annoyingly disappears when you click on photo or clinic from the homepage primary nav). The look doesn't feel as sophisticated as I'd like a brand that is asking me to trust for health advice should be. There's also a general lack of successful "grouping" on the homepage making it feel chaotic and a bit overwhelming. A step in the right direction? Maybe more of a shuffle.