Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Commercial Within a Commercial, aka Advertising Turducken

This week families around the country will feast on turkey. Some more adventurous families will take their cue from good ole John Madden and go ahead and stuff a chicken into duck and then stuff the stuffed duck into a turkey and enjoy what’s known as turducken. Mmmm, meat. And more meat.

The other day I saw a commercial that’s the advertising equivalent of the turducken. The spot is for a birth control brand, Nuvaring. In it we see women sitting around watching television, or more accurately watching a television commercial. The commercial they’re watching and discussing is for Nuvaring. That’s right, the Nuvaring commercial features the Nuvaring commercial.

I actually think it’s an interesting strategy, essentially capturing what is a very real scenario for us ladies. But, like the turducken, something about it just feels a little weird.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Prius "Harmony" Spots

Since I generally have to cool it with Creative Director-like comments at work, I relish in the opportunity to openly analyze creative with people who give a shit- like you, fair reader! The spots on my mind lately are those that support the "Harmony Between Man, Nature and Machine" campaign.

I love the spots. I think they're visually stimulating, fresh and I'm never annoyed by them even after several views. But I wonder if they might be even more successful with even less copy. I say "even less" because the spots are already pretty copy light and the first lines aren't even uttered until halfway through the 30 second spot.

The entire script consist of the following three lines: "You get more power and more space. And the world gets fewer smog-forming emissions. The third generation Prius. It's harmony between man, nature and machine." But 2 of those three lines are so totally product focused and don't really add much to the story. Interested consumers will find out about the power and space as they dig for more info online. We already know that the Prius is good for the earth. The great line, and the one I propose should be the only one included, is the last one "It's harmony between man, nature and machine." It's such a lovely payoff. So lovely it deserves to stand on its own without all that product mumbo jumbo.

These spots immediately reminded me of the series of brilliant Sony Bravia spots, but where where the Prius spots fall just short with a few too many words, Bravia's brevity is perfection.