Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yep, I still post to this blog

I wonder how may blogs out there have posts with the same or a similar title...

An apology is in order for all of my faithful readers (Kelly) who have been starved of my musings as of late. So very sorry. The thing is I've started a new position at work, Information Architect, and it's been sucking quite a bit of my brain power. It's been on my mind so much, in fact, that just a few moments ago I saw a woman wearing a t-shirt that said "Mentor. Team in Training" on the back. It was a stacked layout where "Mentor" was on top of "Team in Training". Kind of a weird flow. There are probably other members of the team had shirts that said things like "Runner. Team in Training". All I could think when I saw this was, they could have benefited from making a wireframe for that t-shirt template. And there you go, my mind has officially been taken over by my new role. My hope is to regain balance soon and start posting more often.