Monday, March 16, 2009

Better Banners

"Online spending is on the rise"... "Marketers continue to shift budgets online" ... "Online advertising, the cost efficient and effective choice for advertising in the recession"...

I get it, online = good. What I don't get is why banner creative continues to = BAD. I was perusing the webby awards website the other day and was impressed, but not in love with, some of the banners I saw. I couldn't stop wondering why I'm not seeing MORE of these placed on sites, not just grouped on award pages??? Why do I continue seeing shitty, annoying banners trying to sell me a student loan?!?!

There's a gap that's really bothering me: online advertising is targeted, cost-efficient and immediate yet the click-through rates are dismal and the general effectiveness of banners is relatively low. This simply shouldn't be the case. Banners should be performing better. I believe the only way this will be the case is when the level of creative out there takes a huge leap ahead. I hope that day comes soon.

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