Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 2...3,4 and 5

Drinks, class, group meetings, class, a cigarette or two, more meetings, coffee, coffee, coffee. That's a pretty good summary of the last week as a MAS Bootcamper. But the highlight was our weekend workshop with Lisa Welch-Nehring, an LA-based planner. To quote Lisa's webpage: "Lisa is not only charming and witty, she also has an extensive background in advertising, marketing and creative consumer research." The page doesn't lie. She was as entertaining as she was interesting and I learned a ton from her. The meat of the workshop was reviewing a zillion case studies from some of the world's most premier brands including Apple, Levis, Dreyers. The case study that stuck with me the most was Levi's. The big question that Lisa posed in regards to the current state of the Levi's brand was: what role does advertising play in getting the brand back on track? The idea was to consider all of the other factors that play a role in brand perception like distribution and price.

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